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Pest Control Services in Dallas, TX

The family enjoys their clean home thanks to our pest services in Dallas, TX

Mosquito Treatments

We use 25+ gallons of mosquito controlling product on your yard to provide guaranteed residual control for up to 2 Months! We also educate you with several ways which you can assist in mosquito control, like eliminating standing water and keeping gutters cleared of leaves and other buildup.

Termite Monitoring

A Technician will install 6 cellulose enriched stakes around your property. Each station has a plastic flip-top protecting it from the elements. This can provide early detection of termites around your home and can prevent unnecessary damage from termites. This does not control termites as it is simply a monitoring device.

Fly Control

By treating strategic areas in your home accompanied by education about certain environmental factors, we can treat certain areas of your home to assist in the control of unwanted flies.

Bait Stations

Rat/Mouse bait stations are sold to the customer for a one time fee and are refilled at each scheduled service with no extra charge. Bait boxes are used in outside areas in order to prevent pets and children from coming into contact with the bait.

Injection Treatments

We provide special injection treatments for other pests such as ants and roaches so that they are easily accessible where they are harboring.

**Call the office to find out the prices of each specialty treatment.

Safer, More Effective Products


We use the very best products available to protect your home. Many companies will skimp and use inferior products with harsh properties. We are proud to use a product derived from marigold and chrysanthemums. The active ingredient is encapsulated in a polymer shell which makes it invisible, odorless, and safer. This means a better product for your home and family without sacrificing effectiveness.

More Effective

Demand CS has been shown to provide superior protection against spiders, ants, and other common pests. The microcaps form bubbles which provide more product per square inch. This allows more product to come into contact more frequently with pests.

Longer Lasting

Demand CS lasts significantly longer than other products because its shell protects the active ingredient from heat, weather, and moisture. This allows it to last 2-3 times longer than competing products while maintaining it's effectiveness.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If pest difficulties arise between regularly scheduled treatments, a licensed qualified technician will treat troubled areas at no extra charge. We will continue to treat troubled areas until you are completely satisfied.