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EcoStar Pest Control is a family-owned pest control company that delivers effective, low-impact, and affordable solutions for homes in the McKinney area.

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EcoStar Pest Control McKinney

At EcoStar Pest Control, we pride ourselves on keeping your home a place where only you and your family reside.

Proudly delivering superior quality residential and commercial pest control services in McKinney, Texas, our team of seasoned exterminators here at EcoStar Pest Control have built a solid reputation for professionalism, efficiency, and accuracy. We specialize in eliminating rodents, ants, cockroaches, flies, spiders, termites, and other types of pests in a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and sustainable manner, ensuring your property will remain safe, comfortable, and welcoming for a long period of time. If you suspect a possible infestation in your home or business, it is best to seek the help of our McKinney pest control solutions as soon as possible before things get out of hand.

About Us

We at EcoStar Pest Control continuously strive to become more than an average pest control contractor in McKinney. Our goal is to establish lasting professional relationships with our clients and eventually becoming their go-to pest management company for all their pest extermination and prevention needs. For our clients’ peace of mind, we have carefully vetted our staff and made sure all our employed McKinney exterminators are insured, bonded, and certified by the Structural Pest Control Board. We regularly undergo trainings and performance evaluations to ensure consistent quality service. At the same time, our pest control technicians remain highly knowledgeable about everything and anything related to pests, from seasonal habits, life cycles, to proper safety protocols. All these efforts and more are done in order to ensure innovative and long-term pest control services in McKinney and other cities in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.


While we at EcoStar Pest Control strongly adhere to our values and traditions as a family-owned pest control company in McKinney, Texas, we also make sure that our techniques, strategies, and equipment are cutting-edge and fully optimized. This allows our pest control experts to fully leverage our expertise and experience in the industry and apply them to our one-time pest control treatments and year-round service plans.

EcoStar's Triple-Tiered McKinney Protection Plan

We offer year-round protection plans with an included 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If pest difficulties arise between regularly scheduled treatments, a licensed qualified technician will treat troubled areas at no extra charge. We will continue to treat troubled areas until you are completely satisfied.

Our McKinney Services

Whether you are suspecting a potential termite infestation in your home or you want to eliminate all traces of a rodent infestation in your business, now is the best time to take control of your pest issues once and for all. Our low-impact yet pro-active pest control services in McKinney are crafted individually to match your needs and work around your schedule to avoid disruption with your daily routine. We at EcoStar Pest Control can tailor a year-round protection plan just for you which guarantees that your property will be completely free and safeguarded from ants, flies, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, rats, and other pests.

Termite Control

Our termite monitoring services in McKinney are designed to help our clients protect their residential and commercial properties from destructive and harmful termites. From Subterranean Termites, Drywood Termites, to Dampwood Termites, we are confident that we can prevent all types of termite species from invading your home or business and causing costly and life-threatening damages. We will install six cellulose-enriched stakes around your area which will provide early detection should there be any signs of a potential termite infestation. 

Mosquito Treatments

A mosquito infestation is far from being a simple nuisance problem. Out of the 85 known mosquito species in Texas, the popular ones, i.e., House Mosquito, Yellow Fever Mosquito, Southern House Mosquito, to name a few, are potential carriers of dangerous diseases such as Zika and West Nile virus. Our mosquito control services in McKinney are geared towards exterminating all traces of mosquitoes by treating all their outdoor resting and breeding sites. We use more than 25 gallons of mosquito control products for up to two months of continuous control and protection. 

Cockroach Control

Our cockroach removal treatments in McKinney are more than spraying pesticides, laying simple traps, and stepping on some insects. We utilize industry-leading injection treatment which involves properly administering the pest control solution directly to the walls in order to reach the cockroaches’ hidden nests. This method is not only highly effective; it also minimizes the exposure from people. Our pest control specialists have successfully dealt with different cockroach species, including German Cockroach, Smoky Brown Cockroach, American Cockroach, to name a few. 

Rodent Control

When it comes to solving mouse and rat infestations, you can count on our rodent control services in McKinney to deliver safe and positive results every time. Our team of pest control experts are more than capable of rodent-proofing your property using various techniques, including the use of tamper-resistant rat bait stations. These traps contain potent rodenticides and are installed outside in strategic locations which are not easily reached by children and pets. 

Ant Control

We at EcoStar Pest Control are ready to go above and beyond to keep your home or business safe from ant infestation. While ants are often regarded as harmless insects, the abnormal size of their colonies invading your property can lead to injuries and structural damages. Our ant control services in McKinney include baiting, spraying, and using injection treatments for getting rid of all types of ant species, including Fire Ants, Acrobat Ants, Little Black Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Carpenter Ants, and many more. 

Fly Control

We at EcoStar Pest Control are ready to put our years of expertise and access to the best pest control products and equipment in order to deliver effective custom fly control solutions in McKinney. Flies are considered symptomatic pests, which means that their presence in your property is a result of underlying problems such as poor sanitation and sewage problems. Let our pest management professionals determine the cause of the fly infestation and help you address it right away. 

Bed Bugs Control

One of the biggest problems with bed bugs is that they do not make nests. Instead, they simply hide in groups, lay eggs in crevices, and linger near their food source, which includes humans. A bed bug infestation is not only frustrating and irritating, it can also cause skin allergies, difficulty in sleeping, and trigger allergic reactions from their bites. Our bed bug control services in McKinney will help you reclaim your home by eliminating these pests for good. 

Flea and Tick Control

Flea and tick control solutions often require a more experienced team for the job, and fortunately, our McKinney pest control professionals are more than qualified to achieve favorable results for you and your furry friends. Contrary to popular belief, these insects are a threat for both humans and animals. Fleas are carriers of typhoid fever and tapeworms, while ticks bring Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Since they spread their eggs everywhere and can lie dormant for a long time, it is best to seek the help of pest control technicians to make sure that every nook and cranny has been checked and treated. 

Occasional Pests

Occasional pests are categorized as outdoor invaders, which include scorpions, spiders, beetles, crickets, centipedes, sow bugs, wasps, and much more. As an experienced pest control contractor in McKinney, we offer a wide spectrum of treatments that will match your current infestation problem or your needs to fortify your pest control protection.  Leave it to the pest management experts at EcoStar Pest Control to conduct extermination and prevention solutions, from determining the insect species to recommending an individualized treatment plan. 

Our Process


We treat a larger area than the competition creating a stronger, larger barrier of protection. 1 of 4 End Tour


We treat beyond the structure inspecting for nesting sites and potential issues throughout the yard. 2 of 4 End Tour

Yard Granules

Water-activated granules in your yard creates a kill-zone before your house and eliminates nesting sites. 3 of 4 End Tour


We knock down any wasps nests and cobwebs throughout the eaves of the home. 4 of 4 End Tour

Happy Customers

"Every summer, it seems like several salesmen knock on my door. When EcoStar came to my door, they were friendly and very informative. They also do more than my last pest service which is why I changed companies. I haven't seen a bug since I switched!"
Richard A.
"I love the fact that I can't remember the last time I had a bug in my house. I especially like the fact that I can mow my yard without mowing over an ant hill!! I haven't had any ant hills develop since EcoStar has treated. It's nice to be able to enjoy a bug-free environment. Thanks EcoStar!!"
Henry M.
rakesh mohapatra
rakesh mohapatra
Very thorough in their work and professional. Explained all procedures and did a good job
Erika Allen
Erika Allen
Great experience! We had an extremely professional experience..
Selva Jagannathan
Selva Jagannathan
Very knowledgeable folks on the ground. I always have great experience with ecostar. The person who visited on Monday was even better. Keep it up!
Aadhi Adityapalaji
Aadhi Adityapalaji
Service is good
Kevin Le
Kevin Le
I can always rely on eco star to handle my pest control needs! This time, outside of my regularly scheduled treatments, I had a small ant issue and so I reached out to them and they had a technician out at my house the next morning! Jeremy was our technician this time and he was very very respectful and over-communicated the process (which I wouldn’t expect anything less) and walked me through what he was doing and why. I’ve had many technicians at my home in the last three years and eco star has consistently delivered great technicians but Jeremy was the best! Thank you so much for caring for my home and my family!
Rohan Sneha
Rohan Sneha
Worth the value
Ecostar performs inspection of home and yard and applies preventive insect treatment during year since we moved in almost 12 years ago. They offer inside spraying as well but I haven’t had insects invading my home since they have been treating the outside. I am very happy with their service. They also have friendly, courteous people performing the service.

More Information About McKinney, Texas

Serving as the county seat of Collin County, the City of McKinney, Texas remains to be praised as one of the best places to live in the United States. It also ranked as the sixth fastest growing city in the country last 2019. These recognitions come to no surprise as McKinney takes pride in its well-rounded attractions, government infrastructures, superior school system, business-friendly environment, and safe neighborhoods. As of 2021, the city has a population of more than 210,000 residents, with a total land area of 66.9 square miles. In order to safeguard the security, comfort, and aesthetics of your property here in the city, we at EcoStar Pest Control extend our McKinney pest control services for homeowners and business owners. Rest assured that the quality of our work will never be compromised as our McKinney exterminators will work closely with you to meet or even surpass your expectations.

Why Hire EcoStar Pest Control in McKinney?

As a full-service pest control company in McKinney, TX, we at EcoStar Pest Control have garnered a long list of satisfied clients who can personally vouch for the quality of service and overall value for money of our pest control solutions. Customer service is among our biggest strengths because of how our McKinney exterminators pay close attention to detail and always prioritize the welfare of our clients. When you hire us for any type of pest control job, you can expect us to always take into consideration your needs, preferences, and budget from start to finish. At the same time, we will always consult with you and give you updates on the progress of your pest control treatment. Whether you need a commercial or residential pest control service in McKinney, we at EcoStar Pest Control will fully respect your property and will make sure that we leave no traces of pests or our products when we leave. Call us today so we can schedule a free inspection at your most convenient time.