EcoStar's Triple-Tiered Protection Plan

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We offer year-round protection plans with an included 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our protection plans include performing regular services every 2-3 months during which pest barriers are placed around your home. If pest difficulties arise between regularly scheduled treatments, a licensed qualified technician will treat troubled areas at no extra charge. We will continue to treat troubled areas until you are completely satisfied. Our 3-tiered defense includes:

garden disinfection

Foundation Treatment

Using up to 150 psi, your technician will pressure spray the entire foundation four feet from the ground and four feet from the foundation. This provides a long lasting weather resistant barrier that prevents pests from entering or re-entering your home.

technicians removing any cobwebs

Eave Treatment

Your eaves are the overhangs where your gutters can be found. Eaves are a common place to find wasp nests, spiderwebs, and dirt daubers. The eaves can be an entry point for these pests into your home. Using a 20 foot telescoping pole with a brush on the end of it, your technician will be able to eliminate these issues. Your technician will be able to reach up to 25 feet high. To keep these pest issues from recurring, your technician will spot treat these nesting areas with our truck-mounted pressure sprayer.

pest inspection

Yard Granulation

With a high quality granule your technician will treat entire yard 40 feet from the foundation (lot permitting). The granule controls ants, spiders, pill-bugs, earwigs, chiggers, fleas, ticks, and a vast array of other invertebrate pests. Your technician will then put a fire ant bait on all mounds found.
Initial Flush Out: Your initial service is an extensive inspection, followed by instruction and treatment by your service technician. EcoStar Pest Control will treat any crawling pests as part of your initial service and come between your regular visits at no extra charge.