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EcoStar Pest Control is a family-owned pest control company that delivers effective, low-impact, and affordable solutions for homes in the Corinth area.

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EcoStar Pest Control Corinth

At EcoStar Pest Control, we pride ourselves on keeping your home a place where only you and your family reside.

EcoStar Pest Control offers a wide range of residential pest control services geared towards helping clients get rid of insects, rodents, and other pests in Corinth, TX. We have the expertise to resolve all your commercial pest-related issue, achieving superior results every time. As a premier pest control service company in Corinth, TX, we are committed to helping property owners control the population of various types of pests, including ants, bugs, spiders, flies, mice, rats, and many more. Utilizing our innovative pest control solutions and techniques, we are your partners in restoring the comfort and safety of your Corinth residential or commercial space.

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About EcoStar Pest Control

We are a family-owned pest control management company  headquartered in Lewisville, TX. Our primary aim is to become the preferred pest control service provider in the cities we serve, including residents in the Corinth, Texas area. Utilizing pro-active and low-impact pest control solutions, we guarantee effective, safe, and long-lasting results. We understand the challenges and frustrations that usually comes with pest infestations, including flies, rodents, ticks, and mosquitoes, just to name a few. Utilizing years of industry experience, you can feel confident knowing that our Corinth pest control specialists will work hard execute an efficient pest control program for your home or business, every time.

Our pest control experts here at EcoStar Pest Control are knowledgeable, received extensive training, and fully licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board. We are updated with the latest pest control measures and protocols to ensure effective and safe implementation whenever we service our clients in Corinth, TX. We utilize breakthrough pest control techniques in the application of potent solutions to eradicate your pest issues once and for all. Our exterminators in Corinth, Texas executes our services with the utmost precision, safety, and professionalism. Excellence is at the heart of our service; hence we uphold the highest industry standards, resulting in the best outcomes and 100% satisfaction. As a pest management company in Corinth, TX,  we aim to bring you peace of mind with our residential pest control and commercial pest control services.

EcoStar's Triple-Tiered Corinth Protection Plan

We offer year-round protection plans with an included 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If pest difficulties arise between regularly scheduled treatments, a licensed qualified technician will treat troubled areas at no extra charge. We will continue to treat troubled areas until you are completely satisfied.

Our Corinth Pest Control Services

At EcoStar Pest Control, we utilize industry-leading tools, equipment, and pest control solutions to eliminate all types of pests invading your residential or commercial property in Corinth, TX. We listen to our clients in order to deliver competitively priced and tailored residential and commercial tailored pest control services that not only meet but exceed their expectations. Our Corinth pest control professionals in Corinth use state-of-the-art tools and solutions from reputable companies, such as Demand CS insecticides and other pest control solutions guaranteed safe for people and pets.

Termite Control
Termite Control

Termite infestation can result in damages that require expensive repairs and replacement to your home or business in Corinth, TX. To prevent termites from destroying the foundation of your home or business, we perform comprehensive termite control and monitoring solutions. This involves the placement of six cellulose-enriched stakes around your property, ensuring early termite detection. We will create a tailored termite treatment plan to protect your property over the long term. 

Mosquito Treatments
Mosquito Treatments

Mosquitos are common nuisance in outdoor environments and known vectors of disease. We take a pro-active approach geared towards applying insecticides in common resting and breeding grounds. Our mosquito treatments are designed to stop their activity and reproduction. To eradicate the mosquito population in your home or business, our team will use more than 25 galloons of mosquito controlling product, ensuring two months of residual control and protection to your Corinth property. 

Cockroach Control
Cockroach Control

A cockroach infestation is a highly destructive pest issue that can lead to extensive damage to your personal valuables. Their presence is also a hazard to your health and well-being. We offer effective cockroach control to help keep the cleanliness and sanitation to your home or business. We take a pro-active approach that involves professional injection treatment formulated to eradicate all types of cockroach species, including American cockroach German cockroach, smoky brown cockroach, brown banded cockroach, and many more. 

Rodent Control
Rodent Control

Our Corinth pest control technicians are proficient in the utilizing various rodent control techniques to ward off pesky rats and mice from your property. We use cutting-edge methods that involve setting up bait station with excellent success rate that are proven to be 100% safe for Corinth households and business spaces. Our rodenticide is installed inside our bail stations, so you don’t have to worry about contamination or accidents as well. 

Ant Control
Ant Control

Ants infestation is a common pest issue for many residential and commercial properties in Corinth, TX. While most ants do not pose danger to our health and safety, infestation may still result in damage that can be costly and challenging to resolve. We offer premier Corinth ant control service to exterminate all ants and ensure they don’t return to your property. We have ant control plans to eliminate various ant species, including fire ants, carpenter ants, acrobat ants, Argentine ants, rover ants, and more.

Fly Control
Fly Control

Since the presence of flies greatly depends on external factors, it’s important to resolve issues that encourage their proliferation on your property. Sewage issues and poor sanitation must be addressed to prevent them from invading your home or business. On top of these, our Corinth pest control experts will implement a comprehensive fly control management plan to effectively eradicate flies from your property altogether. 

Bed Bugs Control
Bed Bugs Control

The presence of bed bugs in your home causes not only causes an uncomfortable feeling but skin allergies, too. To exterminate bed bugs, we use a highly potent solution to ensure all bed bugs across its entire phases are eliminated once and for all. We have the knowledge and technical skills to execute effective treatment measures to get rid of all bed bug species, including Barn Swallow, Mexican Bed Bug, Bat Bug, and more. If you suspect the first signs of bed bug infestation in your home, call our pest management professionals here at EcoStar Pest Control.

Flea and Tick Control
Flea and Tick Control

The management of a flea or tick infestation in your Corinth home or business must be done in a timely fashion. Protect yourself, your loves ones, and pets from these parasites with our comprehensive flea and tick control services. We will implement a tailored flea and tick control plan that includes the right product and frequency of application. Protect your loved ones from the dangers of tick infestation, such as Lyme disease, tapeworms, and typhoid fever with our flea and tick control programs today. 

Occasional Pests
Occasional Pests

EcoStar is the preferred residential pest control service provider in Corinth, TX, due to our proficiency and excellent skills in dealing with all types of pests that commonly invade homes and businesses in the Corinth, Texas area. We use eco-friendly and EPA-approved solutions to disrupt the growth and development of pests, including sow bugs, millipedes, firebrats, mites, crickets, pill bugs, spiders, and more. 

Our Process

Process of Pest control


We treat a larger area than the competition creating a stronger, larger barrier of protection. 1 of 4 End Tour


We treat beyond the structure inspecting for nesting sites and potential issues throughout the yard. 2 of 4 End Tour

Yard Granules

Water-activated granules in your yard creates a kill-zone before your house and eliminates nesting sites. 3 of 4 End Tour


We knock down any wasps nests and cobwebs throughout the eaves of the home. 4 of 4 End Tour
Happy Customer

Happy Customers

"Every summer, it seems like several salesmen knock on my door. When EcoStar came to my door, they were friendly and very informative. They also do more than my last pest service which is why I changed companies. I haven't seen a bug since I switched!"
Richard A.
"I love the fact that I can't remember the last time I had a bug in my house. I especially like the fact that I can mow my yard without mowing over an ant hill!! I haven't had any ant hills develop since EcoStar has treated. It's nice to be able to enjoy a bug-free environment. Thanks EcoStar!!"
Henry M.
J Hurlbut
J Hurlbut
Excellent pest control service that goes above and beyond in thier pest control treatment and application. Very reponsive and professional!
Gary Robson
Gary Robson
The technician was very responsive to the insect problems that I was having. He was concerned about that and took care of my problems. I appreciated his hard work.

More Information About Corinth, TX

Corinth is a quaint city in Denton County, Texas. After its successful incorporation in 1960, the community soon flourished with the influx of families from other parts of the Lone Star State. Today, Corinth is one of the fastest growing cities in North Texas. The city covers a total land area of approximately eight square miles, with an estimated population of 22,000 as of 2021. The peaceful suburb offers a sparse suburban atmosphere enjoyed by its residents comprising of professionals, growing families, and retirees. The city is filled with family-friendly attractions and amenities, making it a conducive community for young individuals and starting families. For residents of Corinth who want to establish a safe, healthy, and comfortable home or business, you can trust Eco Start to help you get rid of all types of pests. We aim to enhance the quality of life of Corinth residents by ensuring their properties are free from pests, such as cockroaches, ants, mice, rats, bed bugs, and spiders using cutting-edge pest control techniques, including rodent bait stations, termite monitoring, mosquito treatments, fly control, and more.

Why Hire EcoStar Pest Control in Corinth?

As a top-notch pest control contractor in Corinth, Texas, we stay committed in upholding our stellar reputation through attentiveness, honesty, and integrity in every aspect of our business operations. Here at EcoStar Pest Control, Our residential pest control specialists consistently perform effective pest control using the best techniques, tools, and products in the industry. We aim to eliminate all types of pests prevalent in Corinth, so you can enjoy a better quality of life. Your satisfaction is our top priority; hence we work hard to meet all your needs with reasonably priced pest control services. Contact us today if you wish to learn more about our pest control solutions for commercial and residential properties in Corinth, TX.

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