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EcoStar Pest Control is a family-owned pest control company that delivers effective, low-impact, and affordable solutions for homes in the Dallas area.

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EcoStar Pest Control Dallas

At EcoStar Pest Control, we pride ourselves on keeping your home a place where only you and your family reside.

EcoStar Pest Control offers comprehensive residential pest control services in Dallas, Texas. We offer hassle-free pest control and insulation, so you and your family can feel comfortable and safe in your home. As a full-service Dallas pest control company, we also cater to the pest control needs of commercial property owners. Our pest control technicians will work hard to rid your home of common pests in Dallas, with the aim of preventing them from returning. Here at EcoStar Pest Control we adopt to accommodate the changing requirements of our customers, offering all types of pest control services to handle various pest infestations, including mosquitos, flies, rodents, bed bugs, termites, spiders, and more.

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About EcoStar Pest Control

Armed with the most advanced pest control products and technologies, we have the experience and expertise to address the challenging residential and commercial pest control issues in an environmentally responsible way. Our Dallas pest control approach considers the unique needs of each customer. Our residential pest treatment programs work hard to manage conditions conducive to pest infestations. Utilizing some of the best pest control treatments, equipment, and techniques, we isolate hidden areas, identify pest entry points, and get rid of pests speedily and effectively. Here at EcoStar Pest Control, our Dallas pest control technicians are committed to protect your property from annoying pests at competitive rates.

If you suspect a pest infestation in your residential or commercial property in Dallas or want to get a head start on a comprehensive pest prevention, monitoring, and treatment, you can rest assured that our pest control technicians can get the job done right the first time. Our strength, stability, and reputation will provide you with the peace of mind to receive long-lasting outcomes and 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you want to get rid of ants in your kitchen or rodents invading your business property, our Dallas pest management experts are committed to keeping your property pest-free all-year long.

EcoStar's Triple-Tiered Dallas Protection Plan

We offer year-round protection plans with an included 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If pest difficulties arise between regularly scheduled treatments, a licensed qualified technician will treat troubled areas at no extra charge. We will continue to treat troubled areas until you are completely satisfied.

Our Dallas Pest Control Services

At EcoStar Pest Control, we know how stressful pest infestations can be for you and your family. If you want your home or commercial property healthy and safe, we can help make that happen. Our residential pest control experts are dedicated to safeguarding your home from pests with meticulous inspections and tailored pest treatments suited to your unique needs. You can count on our pest control specialists for impeccable customer support at every turn.

Soldier Termite
Termite Control

While termites are not disease carriers, they are notorious for causing severe structural damages to homes and business in Dallas, Texas. They are destructive pests that may cause you to spend thousands of dollars in repairs. Our Dallas termite monitoring control services are geared towards detecting their presence for prevention and early treatment purposes. For effective monitoring, we use six cellulose-enriched stakes and install them around your property. When the presence of termites is confirmed, our Dallas pest control experts will then create a tailored termite treatment plan to get rid of them before they wreak havoc on your property. 

Mosquito Treatments

If pesky mosquitos are making your life hell, you need a professional pest control service provider to permanently remove these little blood suckers from your home or business in Dallas. Texas. Our pest management experts can help by inspecting your property and identifying their breeding and resting grounds. We use more than 24 gallons of mosquito-controlling agent that delivers up to two months of residual control and protection. By maximizing the protection in your home or business, our Dallas pest control services contribute to enhancing the comfort and safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Cockroach Image
Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are resilient insects that will prove themselves difficult to get rid of permanently. As a top-notch residential cockroach control specialist, we will establish a clean and safe environment using trusted products and techniques. Our Dallas cockroach control solutions can handle all types of cockroaches, including the German cockroach, smoky brown cockroach, brown-banded cockroach to name a few. 

Rodent Control

No property owner wants rats and mice from invading their home or business in Dallas, Texas. The presence of rodents in your home spells disaster as they can spread serious diseases and significant structural destruction. If you’ve exhausted all DIY residential or commercial rodent control measures, it’s high time to give our exterminators to get the job done right the first time. We utilize bait stations as they are excellent tools in effective rodent control. By installing rodent traps in strategic places of your Dallas home or business, we can get rid of rats and mice, without having to worry about contamination or poisoning from rodenticides scattered randomly in your property. 

Ant Control

Ant infestations are frustrating to deal with, especially if you can’t find their colony or entry point to your home or business. Without the assistance of professionals, it’s impossible to eliminate ants permanently from your property. Luckily, we at EcoStar Pest Control offer commercial and residential ant control services in Dallas, Texas. We designed a comprehensive ant control system that not only solves active ant infestations but prevent them from entering your home. Our Dallas pest control experts use a combination of techniques and treatments to eliminate entire any colonies fast. We have extensive training in implementing ant control for various ant species, including fire ants, carpenter ants, acrobat ants, Argentine ants, rover ants, and more. 

Fly Control

Flies are undoubtedly one of the most annoying pest insects that can infest your Dallas home or business. They are known disease carriers that can trigger disease outbreaks, including cholera, salmonella, and typhoid fever, to name a few. Our residential fly control measures are effective in exterminating flies effectively and safely. We can also create customized commercial fly control serve that can eliminate all types of fly species, such as blow fly, cluster fly, drain fly, fruit fly, fungus gnat, house fly, and more.

Bed Bug
Bed Bugs Control

Blood loss is not the only concerns that arise during a bed bug infestation. These little pests can cause a host of health issues, including rashes and allergic reactions due to the uncomfortable sensations they evoke. Our exterminators are knowledgeable and skilled in various bed bug control techniques to eliminate all bed bugs common in the Dallas, TX area including, Barn Swallow, Mexican Bed Bug, Bat Bug, and more. 

Flea - Icon
Flea and Tick Control

Our pets are susceptible to fleas and ticks, but did you know that fleas can invade the home as well? Additionally, humans can also be bitten by fleas and ticks that transmit dangerous diseases, including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease.  If you suspect a flea and tick infestation in your home, you can reach out to our Dallas pest control professionals to permanently resolve this problem. We will perform a thorough inspection of your property and create a customized flea and tick control solution that match your needs.  We will apply the right insecticide exterminate fleas and ticks and prevent future infestation. 

Occasional Pests

Occasional pests refer to insects that are present in your home at certain times of the year. They are indoor and outdoor pests that can disrupt the healthy growth of your landscape. To eliminate occasional pests such as firebrats, millipedes, crickets, pill bugs, and more, you can call on our Dallas pest control technicians to get the job done right the first time. Here at EcoStar Pest Control, we only use EPA-approved and eco-friendly pest solutions to target occasional pests without endangering your property and health. 

Our Process



We treat a larger area than the competition creating a stronger, larger barrier of protection. 1 of 4 End Tour


We treat beyond the structure inspecting for nesting sites and potential issues throughout the yard. 2 of 4 End Tour

Yard Granules

Water-activated granules in your yard creates a kill-zone before your house and eliminates nesting sites. 3 of 4 End Tour


We knock down any wasps nests and cobwebs throughout the eaves of the home. 4 of 4 End Tour
Happy Customer

Happy Customers

"Every summer, it seems like several salesmen knock on my door. When EcoStar came to my door, they were friendly and very informative. They also do more than my last pest service which is why I changed companies. I haven't seen a bug since I switched!"
Richard A.
"I love the fact that I can't remember the last time I had a bug in my house. I especially like the fact that I can mow my yard without mowing over an ant hill!! I haven't had any ant hills develop since EcoStar has treated. It's nice to be able to enjoy a bug-free environment. Thanks EcoStar!!"
Henry M.
J Hurlbut
J Hurlbut
Excellent pest control service that goes above and beyond in thier pest control treatment and application. Very reponsive and professional!
Gary Robson
Gary Robson
The technician was very responsive to the insect problems that I was having. He was concerned about that and took care of my problems. I appreciated his hard work.

More Information About Dallas, TX

The city of Dallas offers residents and tourists an authentic Lone Start experience. The lively metropolis is filled with endless possibilities, a vibrant art and culture scene, and a long list of global companies that make it one of the most prosperous cities in the country. Located at the heart of North Texas, Dallas features modern amenities, stunning parks, world-class shopping destinations, and an exciting food scene. The city is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex along with smaller suburbs that benefit highly from its booming economy. If you live in Dallas or in surrounding suburbs and looking for a reliable pest control company to resolve infestations in your home or business, you can always rely on our Dallas pest control professionals at EcoStar Pest Control. We understand the role of pest control plays in protecting your Dallas residential or commercial property. This is why we offer a wide variety of pest control treatments tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a traditional termite monitoring service or comprehensive mosquito treatment plan you need, you can rest assured that we will work hard to design a residential pest control plan that will bring you peace of mind knowing your loved ones, including pets are able to enjoy all that your property has to offer.

Why Hire EcoStar Pest Control in Dallas?

As a premier pest control service provider in Dallas, Texas, we are dedicated to upholding our sterling track record by implementing effective, safe, and cost effective residential and commercial pest control to every client that we serve, whether you need urgent residential pest control to manage a rodent infestation or a year-round occasional pest treatment program, our team will work closely with you to resolve your problems with the utmost precision, accuracy, and effectiveness.  All our Dallas pest control professionals are extensively trained and licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board. We only use superior pesticides, insecticides, and rodenticides, such as Demand CS to deliver superior, long-lasting results every time. We are deeply honored that our residential and commercial clients have allowed us to serve them for many years, recommending us to friends and neighbors in Dallas. Our active community presence is the reason why we offer personalized and highly targeted pest control treatments and complete customer satisfaction. The next time you suffer from infestation caused by termites, flies, mosquitos, rodents, cockroaches, and occasional pests, contact EcoStar Pest Control.