Dampwood Termite Control

What Are Dampwood Termites?

Among the three common termite species found in Texas, the dampwood termite is the largest one, measuring up to almost an inch long. These pests are known for the strong distinctive odor they emit, as well as their dark brown bodies and wings. Dampwood termites are mostly found in dampened wooden areas that stay damp due to water leaks or standing water. Their common food sources include fence posts and door frames, reproducing and feasting away at your home’s structure for months, or even years before being discovered. This puts your commercial or residential property at risk of significant structural damage, costing time, stress, and money to remedy.

To prevent costly damage, it’s important to avail of professional dampwood termite control services for prevention and immediate treatment early on. Termite control treatment from professional pest control experts includes inspection, extermination, and prevention to kill dampwood termites and keep them away from your home or business for good. At EcoStar Pest Control, we use a strategic approach called the termite baiting system, wherein we install cellulose-filled stakes around your property to eradicate existing dampwood termite colonies and prevent them from reproducing.

Dampwood Termite Control

Our Dampwood Termite Control Process

We at EcoStar Pest Control leverage the power of science and environmental consciousness to offer superior dampwood termite control using the Sentricon® system. This method is renowned for its effectiveness in annihilating entire dampwood termite colonies by introducing scientifically engineered bait into their food chain. The Sentricon® system has received the EPA’s Green Chemistry Challenge award for its eco-friendly approach without compromising superior results. Our Sentricon Specialists® undergo rigorous training to ensure they deliver the highest standard of service when installing and maintaining this system. Prioritizing safety and sustainability, the Sentricon® system is suitable for homes with children and pets, and businesses with surrounding gardens.

Benefits of Dampwood Termite Control

Complete Pest Prevention

As our dampwood termite control technicians conduct the appropriate treatments, they can also examine different parts of your property and spot signs that may potentially cause costly issues. This ensures your property is safe from other pests and the possible damage they cause.

Safe and Effective Dampwood Treatment

Our experienced dampwood termite control professionals are knowledgeable on how to handle various pest control products. They can properly apply these products to effectively kill dampwood termites without compromising the health of those living or working at the affected property.

Termite Warranty and Guarantee

We at EcoStar Pest Control include a termite warranty in our dampwood termite control plan so you are ensured immediate treatment. In case you are unsatisfied with our services, give us a call and we’ll return to get the job done correctly.

Money Savings

Our professional dampwood termite control services come at cost-effective prices. We also have the training and expertise to use professional-grade pest control products and industry-grade equipment that can completely wipe out this type of termite in a reasonable time frame.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Dampwood termites can potentially cause mold and mildew growth in houses and places of business, leading to poor indoor air quality. By availing of our dampwood termite control treatments, you can improve the air your loved ones and staff members breathe in, lowering the risk of potential respiratory issues.

Why Choose EcoStar Pest Control?

Here at EcoStar Pest Control, we can confidently create a custom dampwood termite control treatment plan designed for your property’s specific needs by incorporating scientifically-proven procedures and solutions. Our dampwood termite control services also include a monitoring program to ensure early detection of termites to prevent infestation and structural damage from happening again. Count on our team of professional pest control technicians to keep your residential or commercial property free from dampwood termites and other types of pests. Learn more about our termite control services by giving us a call today. We also offer a comprehensive termite inspection anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.