Drywood Termite Control

What Are Drywood Termites?

As the name suggests, drywood termites are known for thriving in hard, dry wood in houses and commercial structures. These termites can be found on the structural lumber in houses, as well as on wooden roof shingles, eaves, and siding. You may even find them eating away at wooden furniture, picture frames, or banisters. If left untreated, your property will be at great risk from these termites since they are notorious for causing issues like soft wood, dark or blistered wood structures, uneven or bubbling paint, and more. That is why it’s crucial to avail of professional drywood termite control services as a preventative measure before they cause permanent and costly damages.

We at EcoStar Pest Control offer businesses and homeowners the complete termite control process, including inspection, identification of pests, prevention, and extermination services to protect your investment at affordable rates. Our drywood termite treatment involves installing cellulose-enriched bait stations around the property, which work with a slow-acting insecticide to disrupt the normal growth process in termites and kill these pests within weeks. Our approach is a strategic and effective way to kill drywood termite colonies and keep them out of your home or place of business, preventing widespread damage like warped doors and windows, sagging skirting boards, swollen floors, or buckling wood, among other issues. That said, there are also other termite control treatments to avail of depending on your property’s situation, including gas fumigation, termiticide application, moisture removal, and more.

Drywood Termite Control

Our Drywood Termite Control Process

Focusing on integrity and safety is what guides us at EcoStar Pest Control to employ the Sentricon® system for comprehensive drywood termite control. This innovative approach involves disrupting the termite’s food chain with scientifically engineered bait, leading to the elimination of the entire colony, including the queen. The Sentricon® system, distinguished with the EPA’s Green Chemistry Challenge award, underscores our commitment to eco-friendly drywood pest control solutions. Our Sentricon Specialists® come equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for effective installation and maintenance of the system. Suitable for use in homes with children and pets, as well as businesses with nearby vegetable and herb gardens, the Sentricon® system offers robust protection against drywood termites and other species.

Benefits of Drywood Termite Control

Early Detection and Prevention

At EcoStar Pest Control, our drywood termite control services help detect signs of termites around your property early on for immediate treatment. Our comprehensive protection plans also detect and deter other property-destroying pests.

Time and Money Savings

Our affordable drywood termite prevention programs include termite inspections and treatments that ensure you won’t have to worry about drywood termites and other variations of this species, saving you time and money dealing with costly damage.

Reliable Drywood Termite Monitoring

We have a team of drywood termite control experts who never settle for a simple installment of termite monitors. Our customized pest control plan includes annual termite inspections and quarterly service visits so we can effectively monitor your property for any signs of termites.

Safety Measures in Place

Professional termite control services are designed to ensure no harm is done to humans and animals when handling and using the appropriate chemicals and equipment. Rest assured that we take proper precautions throughout the drywood termite control treatment.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We give clients peace of mind with our drywood termite protection programs. Our termite control professionals will be using high-quality products and equipment made to prevent and eliminate termite infestations, so there are fewer chances of error once the treatment is complete.

Why Choose EcoStar Pest Control?

As a family-owned termite control company, we at EcoStar Pest Control understand the importance of maintaining the structural integrity of your property, as well as the safety and wellness of those in the area. That’s why we treat every property as if it is our own, providing the necessary drywood termite control treatments that utilize only high quality pest control solutions and industry-leading methodologies. All our pest protection plans include a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if an issue arises, we will gladly return and make it right. If you want to learn more about our drywood termite protection plans and control services, contact us today. We are also ready to conduct a thorough drywood termite inspection in your home or business anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.