Subterranean Termite Control

What Are Subterranean Termites?

One of the most common termite species that wreak havoc on Texas commercial and residential properties is the subterranean termite. There are two types of subterranean termites, the Formosan termite and Asian subterranean termite. The Formosan termite is known as the super termite because of the huge colonies it builds and the extensive damage it causes to timber structure within months. While they are tiny and measure less than half an inch, subterranean termite infestations are dangerous, as these pests will eat wood 24/7, using saw-toothed jaws to bite off wood from homes, businesses, and even live trees. The subterranean termite can potentially cause the most damage to any termite species as they build distinctive tunnels, known as mud tubes, to reach food sources and protect themselves from open air.

Commercial and residential properties can fall victim to these invasive pests, especially the Formosan subterranean termite, which is very difficult to kill. If you suspect a subterranean termite infestation, you may need to avail of professional termite control services as soon as possible. Termite control involves the use of treatments safe for humans and pets, including termite baiting treatment, liquid barrier termite control, termiticide foam injection, and more. At EcoStar Pest Control, our subterranean termite control services focus on termite baiting treatment, where our professional technicians will install cellulose-enriched stakes around the property. Subterranean termites will then consume the poison-filled bait, which helps kill off any active termite colonies that can destroy your home or place of business.

Subtarranean Termite Control

Our Subterranean Termite Control Process

At EcoStar Pest Control, we are steadfast in our commitment to provide top-tier, environmentally conscious subterranean termite control solutions. Our preferred method, the Sentricon® system, is an award-winning innovation that effectively targets and eradicates termite colonies. The system’s unique baiting technique disrupts the colony’s food chain from within, leading to its complete elimination, including the queen. Sentricon® system’s unique eco-friendly feature has earned it the EPA’s Green Chemistry Challenge award. Our team of Sentricon Specialists® are extensively trained in the installation and maintenance of this system, offering you unparalleled protection for your property. Safe for households with children and pets, and businesses with surrounding gardens, the Sentricon® system offers peace of mind and effective subterranean termite control.

Benefits of Subterranean Termite Control

Protection Of Your Property

Subterranean termite preventative treatments are considered a small investment that goes a long way. It saves you more money, time, and stress compared to paying for fumigation or repairing structural damage.

Continuous Monitoring

Subterranean termites are silent destroyers that property owners won’t be able to see for months or years. By the time termites are discovered, it would be too late, and the costly damage has been done. Regular termite inspections can protect your property from potential damage caused by termites.

Complete Subterranean Termite Control

Our termite control experts offer effective treatments to kill off active subterranean termite colonies, along with other necessary procedures to prevent and destroy termites, such as regular inspections and monitoring.

Safe And Effective Solutions

At EcoStar Pest Control, our termite control treatments are safe and straightforward, taking less than a day to complete and with its effects showing immediately or after a few days. When applied properly, termite baiting treatment can last for up to one year, while liquid termite treatment can last for five years on average.

Peace of Mind

Our professional subterranean termite control technicians are well-equipped with the appropriate training and high-quality products required to keep your property termite-free for good. You can now feel confident knowing your home or place of business isn’t at risk of structural damage.

Why Choose EcoStar Pest Control?

We at EcoStar Pest Control have been providing termite control services for years, making sure that we leave our clients’ premises only after completely getting rid of pesky pests. In case of an infestation, our skilled termite control experts undergo a detailed process that begins with a thorough property inspection down to the treatment of the foundation, perimeter, yard granules, and eaves. Rest assured that we have the training and expertise to perform scientifically proven techniques to not only say goodbye to pests but to keep them from coming back again. Our subterranean termite control treatments come in affordable monthly plans, so you have the peace of mind knowing your structure is completely free from termites and other types of pests that can potentially damage your residential or commercial property. Contact us today to learn more about our subterranean termite control solutions and to schedule an inspection.